Monday, April 17

SLOW COOKER: Easy Cocktail Meatballs

Sweet and tangy cocktail meatballs are a common sight at gathering and get together. Made from three simple ingredients, these little mouth watering bites are crowd pleasing. I often get asked how to make them and every time I give someone the recipe they are shocked. The hard part about making these little bites of happiness is deciding how savory you want to make them.

Full time 6 hours
Serves 16-20

The needs-

4-5 lbs. frozen cocktail size meatballs
16 oz bottle BBQ sauce (any type)
12 oz jar grape jelly

The know-

In a mixing bowl combine BBQ sauce and jelly, whisking until even in texture.

Pour approximetly 1/3 of the mixture into your slow cooker and coat bottom.

Add in half of the meatballs.
Pour approximetly 1/2 the remaining mixture over the meatballs.

Add in remaining meatballs.

Pour in remaining sauce.

Cover with lid and cook six hours on low. If possible stir occasionally to evenly distibute sauce.