Friday, October 21

HOW TO: Roast a Pumpkin

Now that autumn is here, Halloween has past, and pumpkin pies are in full bake, it is time to start roasting those pumpkins. Roasting pumpkins is quite easy and just as simple as roasting a squash. It will allow you to use fresh not canned pumpkin for your pies, it also is great for baking, and as a side dish for dinner!

Roasting a pumpkin can be done on roughly 2 hours depending on the size if your pumpkin. Most standard sugar pie pumpkins found a grocery stores are between 3-6 pounds, this will easily roast in 2 hours.

Let us begin:

Preheat your oven to 350

Start by cutting your pumpkin in half, I suggest cutting width wise, it makes it easier for balancing.

I should mention, several people I know roast their pumpkins whole or uncut, but it is a pain to clean out after roasting. Also if you mark it with little indents it will help you cut evenly.

Once your pumpkin is cut open, completely clean out the hollow if all seeds, strings, and loose flesh meat.

Once clean, place pumpkin halves on an aluminum foil lined baking tray.

Lightly spray pumpkin with olive oil or vegetable oil cooking spray. I do not recommend using butter as it will slightly change the flavor and will effect the end recipe. Unless your eating as a side dish, then butter up!

Place pumpkin in oven for 1 hour, test pumpkin for fork-ability. You pumpkin should easily give way to a fork gently pushed in.

If not continue roasting in 20 minutes increments until fork-able.

Remove pumpkin from oven and your all roasted! You can now remove skin and use in pies, cookies, muffins, can for future use, or eat covered in butter and cinnamon, enjoy!