Sunday, April 10

CRAFT KITCHEN: Grocery Bag Holder

Plastic grocery bags are one of the worst things to have lounging around. They take up too much space, can be hazardous to small children and animals. And honestly just look messy. The best thing about them is how easily the condense into small spaces. Using an old long sock as a hanging holder will allow you to store close to 50 bags for later use!

You will need:

1 long sock
8" pieces of 1/8" elastic
Small safety pin
Sharp scissors
Sewing machine (or hand needle and thread)

Quick note: I am using a toe sock, but this works with any long sock.

Let us begin:

Lay sock out as flat as you can. Cut off the bottom 2", where the toe of sock is.

Turn sock inside out and fold over 1/2".

Sew this hem line around except for the last 1/4".

Cut a 3" piece of elastic and attach safety pin to one side.

Insert safety pin into the gap in the seam you just created and work pin around the tunnel of the seam. Pulling pin gently back out when you reach the opening again.

Pull elastic out on both sides evenly to tie a knot. Cutting off excess, if you were to flip sock right side out, you will notice a nice tight bottom which has been gathered.

Now flip sock to other end, find where you consider the center of the top band. Use remaining elastic to create a hanging handle by sewing the elastic in a loop at this point.

Turn sock right side out and your done!