Sunday, April 10

CRAFT KITCHEN: Bandana Lunch Tote

I love colorful and washable lunch bags. The ability to throw a piece of fruit or a snack in a bag and go is great with a busy schedule.  One if the easiest ways to make cute, washable lunch bags is with bandanas. You can end up with a whole color assortment of bags. Not to mention this project uses a single bandana, making this simple and inexpensive. 

You will need:

1 bandana 
Sewing machine with matching thread
Fabric scissors

Let us begin:

On a flat surface, lay out your bandana.

Fold bandana in half width wise and then in half lengthwise.

Carefully cut along the bottom fold. This creates two equal pieces of folded fabric.

Remove the top piece of fabric. Set aside.

See along the edge and bottom where you just cut.

This creates the tote part, set aside for a moment.

Look at remaining folded fabric. 

Unfold once width, so piece is only folded in half once lengthwise.

Cut this piece in half. You will half for handles, the second piece can be added to scrap bin.

Sew the sides of the strip.

Sew a double seam, roughly 1/4" apart down the middle.

Carefully, cut the space between the seam.

Right side out, both tubes to form handles.

Sew end of handles 1 1/2" from edges of tote.

Right side out your tote and your lunch bag is done!