Friday, January 22

MAKE IT: Johnny Rockets Donkey Kong Milkshake

The other morning I was making a smoothie to take to work, to my surprise I accidentally figured out how to make one of my favorite milkshakes. Next thing I knew I was remaking the smoothie with Ice cream and just had to drink both-poor me. Here it is, the yumminess of a chocolate banana milkshake (or hey use yogurt instead and have a smoothie)

Full time 5 minutes 
Makes 1 shake

The needs-

1 large banana, sliced thin
1 envelope Carnation Instant breakfast chocolate 
3/4 cup French vanilla ice cream 
1/2 cup whole milk
2 tbsp chocolate syrup 

For serving-
Whipped cream

The know-

In a personal blender* cup place ice cream.

Add in Carnation and chocolate syrup.

Add in milk.

Top with bananas.

Put on lid and give a quick shake to make air bubbles rise from base.

Blend on high 30-40 seconds.

Top with whipped cream and enjoy.

* if using a standard blender reverse order of ingredients added