Tuesday, December 22

HOW TO: Seed a Pomegranate

Pomegranates are perfect for snacking, toppings, baking, and more. You can buy just the seeds in store, but with a little effort you can seed yourself and save a lot of money. Pomegranates keep 2-3 weeks where seeds only keep 3-4 days. It take about ten minutes to de-seed a pomegrantae from start to finish.

Your going to need a few things:

Protective work surface, like a cutting board or mat
Sharp chef or large knife
Hard flat wooden spoon
Large bowl

To get started look at your pomegranate, you will notice that there is a stem area and a "nub", cut pomegranate in half between these two areas. 

Now working with one half look at the inside of your pomegranate, you will see segments or sections of seeds seperated by white flesh.

Make small cuts to the white flesh just to score the surface and help remove seeds.

Turn pomegranate over your bowl and give a gentle but firm squeeze to help loosen seeds by not break them.

Hold pomegranate over bowl and hit several times with the wooden spoon, seeds will fall into bowl.

If any seeds remain inside you can use yors fingers to pop right out.

Pick through seeds to remove any whits flesh or bad seeds that may have dropped into bowl.

Now you are all set to eat or store. Cheers!