Tuesday, August 25

HOW TO: Soda Cupcakes/Cakes

Using soda to make cakes is no new invention. Over the years it has seen a few resurgences. You can use diet soda to make calorie saving recipes, you can use soda to make lighter angel food cakes, you can use soda to make a great sponge. I personally like to use soda to make flavorful combinations not traditionally seen in cupcakes. It is also a great way to make egg free cakes.

Using soda in cupcakes/cakes is really easy. You need two ingredients cake mix and a can of soda (or equivalent if pouring out of a bottle). Here is a great chart of flavor combinations:

Root beer Float (in photos) = Milk Chocolate Cake Mix + Root beer
Orangesicle =White Cake Mix + Orange Soda
Groovy Grape = White Cake Mix + Grape Soda
Chocolate Covered Oranges = Milk Chocolate Cake Mix + Orange Soda
Chocolate Covered Cherries = Milk Chocolate Cake Mix + Cherry Cola Soda
Ginger Spice = Spice Cake Mix + Ginger Ale

As you see the combinations are pretty endless. To make the cupcakes/cake your really going to just do three steps:

Step One- Mix cake mix and soda together, whisking until no lumps are visible.

Step Two-Preheat oven and bake cupcakes or cake according to directions for baking on cake mix box. If you are using homemade cake mix then bake 350' for 20-25 minutes for cupcakes. For two 8" or 9" round cakes bake 25-35 minutes.

Step Three- remove from oven once fully baked and let cool on wire rack 20 minutes before frosting.

There you have now officially make a soda based cake. Cheers!