Saturday, August 29

BBQ Burger Patties

(photo prior to cooking)
Looking for a great twist on a family favortie? How about turning a burger into a flavor filled BBQ explosion! 

Full time 30 minutes (does not include cook time)
Makes 6 burger patties

The needs-

1 1/2 lb. 85/15 ground beef
1 egg
2 slices bread (any type)
1/4 cup BBQ sauce
2 tbsp milk
2 tbsp BBQ rub seasoning (store bought or homemade)

The know-

Tear up bread into tiny pieces and mix with BBQ seasoning.

Add in BBQ sauce and milk, work between fingers to absorb the liquid into the bread.

Add in egg.

Add in chop meat and mix only to incorporate, do not over work.

Shape into 6 even size patties and lay out on a plate. Place in refrigerator to set for 20 minutes.

Cook as desired! Cheers.