Sunday, June 7

MAKE IT: Asian Five Spice Seasoning

A major component to several Asian Five Spice powder is a blend of spices which is used in several dishes found through-out the East.

Full Time 15 minutes
Makes 1/4 cup spice blend (store for 2 months)

The needs-

2 tsp cinnamon, ground
2 tsp star anise powder, ground
2 tsp szechuan peppercorns, ground
2 tsp fennel seed
2 tsp cloves, ground

The know-

In a sealable container places all spices.

Tightly close lid and shake for two minutes.

Open lid and ensure spices are evenly blended. To taste dab finger into blend and ensure you do not taste one ingredient over than the others.

Is there is, add small amounts adjust.

Seal or use.