Friday, October 10

Scones in Twenty Minutes!

Scones are a classic afternoon tea or cafe treat. They do however take a little time and a slight amount of baking know-how. Now what if I told you, you could have all the classic scone taste ready to serve in under 20 minutes? All you need is a toaster oven and your on your way to making scones. These scones are so fresh from the oven they may be a new morning favorite.

Full time 20 minutes
Make 8 scones

The needs-

1 cup pancake/baking mix (can be made with Gluten free as well)
1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup mix-ins*
1 tbsp white sugar
1 tbsp plus 1 tsp vegetable oil

*chocolate chips, chopped nuts, raisins, crasinis, or currents.

For topping-
1 tbsp butter, melted
1 tbsp sugar

The know-

Line a toaster baking tray with aluminum foil and stay lightly with cooking spray.

In a large mixing bowl combine pancake mix and sugar.

Add in vegetable oil and milk, kneading lightly until a dough forms.

Add in your mix-in and knead to bring dough together.

Dump out onto a cutting board or mat and form into a 8"-10" round circle.

Slice into 8 wedges.

Place wedges on baking tray and place a piece of aluminum foil across the top.

Place in toaster oven and bake 6 minutes.

Remove foil and bake additional 2 minutes.

Brush surface with melted butter and sprinkle across sugar.

Allow to cool on tray 2 minutes before serving.