Thursday, July 17

MAKE IT: Marshmallows

Back in March of 2011, I featured a recipe for making marshmallows. Over the years I have fine tuned and modified the recipe.

I still say that this is my favorite melt away tasty treat to make is home-made marshmallows! And it is still so much fun to home, roast a marshmallow for a smores, dropping one in hot coco, or just eat one! But these days I found an easier way to do this and slightly modify the end product a tad! I am now going to share with you my updated marshmallow recipe!

Time: Either 6 hours in one day or 2 days with 1 hour hands on each day.
Makes 16oz marshmallows

You will need:

For gelatin base:
3 packages of KNOX, unflavored gelatin
1/2 cup cold water

For Cream base:
2 cup sugar
1 cup light corn syrup
1/2 cup water
1 1/2 tsp clear extract (any flavor)
1/8 tsp salt

For pan:
1/2 cup confectionary sugar
2-3 tbsp butter

For Coating/cutting:
1 cup confectioners sugar or
Crystallized fine sugar or
Granulated sugar or
Powdered chocolate milk mix

Let us begin:
Day One/Part One-

Line a 9 x 13 with a silicone mat (or aluminum foil). 

Coat mat with a layer of butter.

Add confectionary sugar to pan and tap around to fully coat pan. This is just like greasing and flouring a cake pan when baking. Set aside.

In a metal bowl (very important) or large metal pot, pour cold water and sprinkle top with KNOX, you will begin to see a gelatin form. Set aside.

In a sauce pan combine all cream base ingredients.

Carefully bring to a boil over med/high heat and stir occasionally to prevent scorching.

Once mixture comes to a boil insert a candy thermometer and continue to cook until it hits 240'. Do not stir during this time, just let it do it's thing, it will take approximetly 5-10 minutes. 

Remove from heat.

Starting with just the gelatin base, use a mixer on high to start beating it.

Slowly drizzle in the cream base, pouring a thin fluid stream, let it take approx 5-8 minutes to do this.

Once it is all in, continue to beat on high for 15 minutes. Mixture should double in size.
Pour the mixture into the pan.

Tap pan on smooth surface to create an even top. Let is sit for a few minutes to work air bubbles to surface.

This is a great time to get the bowl and utensils into extremely hot water. It will help the cleaning.

Wrap mellow trays with clear plastic wrap, tightly and let sit 4 hours or overnight.

Day Two/Part Two-

Remove clear plastic wrap from pan. Gently press with finger, if not fully set you need more time.

Carefully slide marshmallows out of pan by lifting up the silicone.

Place coating/cutting ingredient into a rimmed plate.

To easily cut marshmallows, dip sharp knife in hot water to prevent sticking. Slice marshmallows in squares of any size!

Drop marshmallows into coating/cutting ingredient and lightly cover all edges. This will prevent sticking back together.

Store in airtight container! Cheers!