Tuesday, June 3

Copycat in the Kitchen

Who doesn't love a snack cake or candy bar from time to time? I know I do, I often find myself craving that something sweet and special. However, if I allowed myself to eat all of those sugar saturated over preserved foods often, I would probably not be too healthy.

I personally prefer homemade treats to store bought, this way I know what went into their making. True, they take some time and effort. They also do not keep for longer than a week with the  lack of preservatives. And occasionally they just do not have that "guilt" feeling attached to them. But is any of that bad? If your answer is no, than you are in the right place. I created this collection of recipes to satisfy those sugary sweet cravings. 

Admittedly this does not mean I never buy candy or what can be categorized as  junk food. This collection of recipes mean I buy those items very rarely and yet I have never had a request for them either. So for those of you who love those classic treats, but hate the unpronounceable ingredients or slightly scary shelf life rumors, here comes a parade of my Copycats just for you! Cheers!

This list includes:

Hostess Twinkies 
Hostess Chocodiles
Ring Dings
Drake's Funny Bones
Devil Dogs
Yankee Doddles or Hostess Cupcakes
White Castel Burgers (I know not a snack, but a serious guilty pleasure)
Cracker Barrel Coke Cola Cake
Cracker Barrel Fried Apples
Harry Potter Butter Beer
Little Debbie Zebra Cakes
Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies
Dunkin Donuts Cake Donuts