Thursday, April 3

Introducing TEA TIME

Tea drinker, that phrase sums up a lot about who I am. I have always been a tea drinker and for as long as I can remember, I have preferred tea over most other beverages. Living in a country of coffee, latte, mocha, cappuccino, frappuccino drinkers has not changed this either. I will admittedly say I drink a latte on occasion, but the same can be said of coffee drinkers who occasionally drink tea. I have even on rare occasion had a cup of coffee, but it just does not capture my taste buds the way tea does. It may be some deep subconscious or internal programming in me, but "tea drinker". 

Now, in all honesty tea does not always mean the soothing blend of tea leaves steeped into perfectly temperatured water (which is a wonderful thing), but to the wide variety of tea drinks throughout the world. From the Southern United States Sweet tea to Morroccan Marrakech Mint tea, from English Earl Grey to Indian Gulabi Chai, from Taiwanese Boba Bubble tea to Japanese Ginger tea, I am a tea drinker and lover. And I thought I would share this love with you.

Over the next months I will be on a tea lovers adventure. Exploring the world of tea drinks and sharing them with you. I will be touring the world of hot teas, cold teas, tea punches, milk teas, and the odd occasion of teas without tea. I hope you will join me on this grand adventure to find the perfect cup of tea!