Tuesday, February 4

Celebrating a Milestone!

Today Eating Eclectic is celebrating a milestone, my 500th recipe! And what a great ride it has been so far.

Eating Eclectic started just over 3 years ago and has seen many changes since the founding days. Several of these changes I discussed with everyone when I celebrated my 300th recipe a year ago. Having finally found a formula which both benefited my reading audience and fit my personality, Eating Eclectic is just what I also wanted it to be. A great place for both novice and experienced cooks to come together, find great recipes and techniques which showcase the world's cuisine.

This past year I started featuring guest "spots" or recipes from friends and family, I am happy to say this will be continuing. I look forward to sharing my culinary adventures and experiences with you. I wish to thank everyone who has made this blog and these recipes part of your tasty collection.

As a special treat I offer this simple but, perfect fitting recipe to help celebrate my 500th. Thai Vinegar Chicken, a dish filled with as much spice of life as I am!