Sunday, October 20


Product Review: I want to start by saying this is not a paid advertisement, I speak for myself only, no companies have given me anything for this review. My opinions are completely my own.

Overview: Duncan Hines Decadents, not bad for a pre-packaged mix & great for convinence. 

As a whole I am not a huge lover of pre-packaged foods or mixes. I prefer homemade to processed. With that being said, Duncan Hines Decadents are actually not do bad. The combination of both cake mix and frosting mix in the same box are great for storage & last minute needs.

On a whole the taste is that of a higher class box mix. Very comparable to a store bought (not bakery) cupcake. They bake up light and fluffy, full of flavor. The frosting is a tad bit too sweet for my liking. It has a good starting flavor but, finishes off with a confectionary sugar feel and taste. Which is odd being that you need to use an entire stick of butter to whip it.

Each package comes with plenty of frosting, slightly more for the amount of cupcakes the batter yields. The yield quantity for cupcakes however vary. The box states it will make 12. I tried 4 different boxes and flavors. And each yielded less than 12. Now, I know human error can lead to the differences but, filling each cupcake with the same scoop 2/3 full, still lead to differences. Two of the boxes yielded 10, one made 11, and the last(strawberry) made 14. So if you plan to make these try to remember you will make less than expected unless you slightly underfill each cupcake liner.  

If your looking for a good package mix or something convenient to keep in the pantry, this is your product. If your looking for a great quality cupcake mix, I would recommend looking elsewhere. Enjoy!