Monday, August 5

Toffee Pretzel Bark

Homemade candies can are fun and often very easy to make. They make wonderful gifts, great surprises, and honestly it is just fun to do. Here is a classic toffee which has been given a modern update and spin, enjoy!

Full time: 4 hours (includes 3 1/2 hours cool and set time)
Makes approximately 1 lb. bark

You will need:

4 cups miniature pretzels, slightly broken but no crumbled 
2 1/4 cup chocolate chips
1 cup butter
1 cup brown sugar, packed lightly
1 cup white chocolate chips

Let us begin

Preheat you oven to 375 and line a sided baking sheet with aluminum foil.

In a small sauce pot place butter and brown sugar.

Melt butter and sugar together oven medium heat.

Bring mixture to a gentle boil, you will see light bubbling, boil for 3 minutes. Set a timer, seriously, set one.

While this boils, pour your slightly broken pretzels onto the foil lined baking sheet.

Once your timer has gone off. Remove sugar mixture from heat and pour carefully, yet evenly over pretzels.

You are going for 90% coverage here, it will all get covered in the end.

Carefully, without tipping, move sheet to oven and bake for 5-6 minutes. Again feel free to use a timer, over cooking is not good.

Once it has baked, remove from oven to a stable and supportive wire rack.

Quickly spread white chocolate chips over top of baked layer in a line roughly 2-3" wide down the center.

Fill in the remaining space with the chocolate chips.

Allow heat to melt the chips for 3-4 minutes.

Here is the fun part, using a small rubber spatula, carefully "spread" melted chips, start with the white and then go to dark, it will smear a tad but, that is okay.

Now using a fork. You are going to drag the fork from one side of pan to the other, crossing thru the chocolates, dragging them behind the fork.

Repeat this down the pan to form your swirling of chocolates.

Allow pan to cool on wire rack for 1 1/2 hours or until no heat can be felt when touching pan.

Move pan to refrigerator for 1 hour to firmly set.

Once set, remove pan from refrigerator.

Lift up on foil to slide out of pan, do not worry about breakage,

Using gentle pressure, break apart into pieces to you liking, I like pieces to be slightly larger, roughly 3" each.

Move to a serving or gift container, stores for 1 week.

Eat and enjoy!