Monday, March 18

HOW TO: Easily Cut a Pineapple

Fresh pineapple is by far one of the best tasting fruits. It has a sweet and juicy flavor, which makes you want more. Fresh pineapple is perfect for eating alone, fruit salads, festive beverages, cooking, grilling, and you can see the list keeps going.

Getting at the pineapple without loosing too much or becoming highly agitate, can be a tricky thing to learn. Here is the easiest, fastest way to go about slicing a pineapple. Make sure you have a sharp knife and a clean kitchen towel, to wipe up excess juice if needed.

Let us begin, lay your pineapple down on a cutting board.

Cut the top off, roughly 1/2" lower then the greens on top.

Turn around and cut off bottom, roughly 1/2" from bottom.

Turn up onto one of the cut edges and cut in half.

Rotate 90 degrees and cut in half again, you will now have four quarters.

Working with one quarter at a time. Cut the core or front tip of quarter off.

Lay quarter on the skin side and cut skin off by guiding knife they the pineapple roughly 1/4" above the skin.

Slide off skin and slice or cube as desired.

Move to a bowl and repeat on remaining quarters, enjoy!