Sunday, November 11

PRODUCT REVIEW: Rove Flavor Infuser Hydration Bottle

Product Review: I want to start by saying this is not a paid advertisement, I speak for myself only, no companies have given me anything for this review. My opinions are completely my own.

Overview: Rove 24-oz. Flavor Infuser Hydration Bottle LOVE IT, my new favorite thing!!!

Last week I was out shopping for new work shoes, when I was in Khols and stumbled onto this fantastic water bottle. I didn't really need a new water bottle but, it intrigued me-having an Infuser in the bottle. This has turned out to be the best $12.95 I have spent on myself in a long time! The bottle simple infuses your water with any flavor of your liking.

How it works. The bottle is 24 ounces and has a basket mounted inside the base. The base itself unscrews to provide access to the basket, which screws off for filling.

Simply place anything mint, mandarins, raspberries, peach slices, lemon wedges...ect...into the basket and screw basket into the base.

Screw base into bottle, fill with water, and your done! After about 15 minutes your water is fully flavored with a hint of whatever you placed in the basket.

The bonus is no pulp, seeds, leaves, or skin accidentally pops into your mouth when drinking. It also makes it easy for cleaning and emptying out the used up flavor bits. I enjoy this bottle and have tried at least a dozen different things in my basket. My favorites are fresh mint and plums. If you have a water fan, are a water fan, or are looking for an interesting and fun gift, I highly recommend this one.  I have discovered that even water non-drinkers seem to enjoy this as a great way to actually want to drink water.

As a bonus: The bottom of the bottle is made with a no slip silicone. The bottle is available in a multitude of colors. On the cap it has a built in carrying handle, and it is dishwasher safe! What is there not to love?

Well okay in all fairness the multiple pieces can be a slight pain to clean and re-find after washing. The bottle is sealed extremely well to prevent leaking which means the air flow is a little constricted if filled all the way up. And it isn't insulated (but they make one that is). Outside of that the bottle is amazing and a few co-workers have even bought them!