Tuesday, September 25

Loving the Apple!

Last year I talked about a great fall favorite of mine, the apple. Apples are one of the seasons best fruits to preserve are apples. Apples can easily be made into several tasty treats. From the basics with apple sauce, apple butter, and apple jam are some of my favorites. To the more elaborate apple doughnuts, apple biscuits, and apple pies. Apples are easily one of the most versatile ingredients in the pantry, and they just happen to be ripe at this time of year.

Many recipes call for apples to be used as fillers or healthy alternatives when cooking. Apples work amazing in slaw's, salads, and more recently I discovered you can use applesauce instead of oil when baking. Now that was a great moment in cooking for me. More important than this discovery was the recent conversation I had with a co-worker who told me, they liked apple picking but got tired of eating the apples. I asked what else she used them for and she revealed with the exception of applesauce there wasn't much you could do with them. I was shocked and slightly heart broken, had she never read my blog? Did I forget or imagine all the conversations we have had? I asked her, and she honestly said that she thought maybe making anything else was too above her cooking skills.

OK, now I see. Yes some apple recipes are more complicated than others. But that is true with any ingredient. I sent her on a mission, I told her to go apple picking. And then said if she tried 1-2 other recipes and found they were too hard, I would personally pay back the money she spent on apples and ingredients. That was a month ago.

Today I am here to tell you, not only did I not have to pay back a single cent. But I may have an apple addict in my work place now. She has made every recipe I have posted using apples as the base and has asked for more. I was happy to oblige. This year I will cover, Apple juice, Apple Crumb Pie, Apple Biscuits, and Traditional Apple Bread Pudding. You should give one or two a try...I bet I can convert you too!

Here are a few links to get you started:

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