Wednesday, August 1

PRODUCT REVIEW:Duncan Hines Mix-ins Frosting

Product Review: I want to start by saying this is not a paid advertisement, I speak for myself only, no companies have given me anything for this review. My opinions are completely my own.

"Duncan Hines Mix-in Frosting" Overview: nope I'm good-not a fan

To begin this fairly, I should mention that I am not a fan of store bought. I prefer homemade over pre made any day. However, frosting is one of the few places I am a little more lax about. I generally use homemade frosting, but very often default to store bought quick and simple.

I was making cupcakes for work the other day and was seriously short on time. I was going to get plain white frosting and add in flavoring when I stumbled across the new Duncan. Hines frosting line. This line is "specially formulated" to blend over a dozen flavors into a base frosting.

At first it seamed great. The line has extremely unique and fun flavors including caramel, mint, mocha, and bubble gum. But that's sort of where it ends.

It is not cost effective at all. The frosting package looks large but it frosts the same amount as other containers. The base frosting retails just over $2 and the mix in us just under $1, bringing the total to around $3 per batch. I'm not cheap but, $3 for frosting is a little crazy when most brands can be bought for under $2.

Next the mix in itself is kind of terrible. The instructions tell you to open base frosting, use a knife, pour in mix and blend. "1-2-3 that easy" according to the package. But it isn't. The mix in is granular and slightly corse, so it doesn't blend in the package well at all. I ended up needing to move it to a bowl to get it completely mixed. And you could still see granular bits after mixing.

The texture of the frosting is off also. It's to fluid for any shape holding at all but stick do hard to spread evenly. The package says to store frosting at room temperature no higher then 80 and not in refrigerator because, cold frosting is hard to spread. But after having to mix the frosting to get it all blended evenly. The frosting becomes this half-fluid mess which slowly pours off a spoon like honey.

I stuck it in the fridge for about 20 and it firmed up enough that it didn't ooze while I was using it. Once it stands for a few hours or six in my refrigerator it did hold shape on my cupcakes.

The flavor was okay. I tried the caramel It was subtle but noticeable. I thought it tasted like vanilla and caramel, I had two co-workers tell me the same, one said it tasted like maple syrup, and one couldn't taste it at all. So it has mixed review on flavor.

In the end, I say stick with homemade or find a premixed flavor of your choice. The texture, flavor, and cost don't make this worth it at all.