Tuesday, June 26


Product Review: I want to start by saying this is not a paid advertisement, I speak for myself only, no companies have given me anything for this review. My opinions are completely my own.

"Soda Stream" Overview: fantastic! Wouldn't want to be without it

Imagine its a hot summers day, you want a cool refreshing beverage, possibly a mixed drink. You go to your refrigerator but no mixer. Now, imagine you have last minutes guests and you don't have beverages on hand. In both cases you would be in a sticky situation, but if your lucky enough to own a Soda Stream this will never be a problem.

I have owned a Soda Stream for almost 10 years now. I bought mine at the BIG E in the better homes building and have never regretted the decision. There were a few people who questioned my decision to get one, thought it was another gadget doomed to fail and I would regret it. It's funny because, most of them have bought one now.

The Soda Stream is a great machine, it allows you to make soda and flavored seltzer waters right in your own home in less than a minute. It's probably one of the easiest machine to use and is highly convenient. Soda Stream Products taste just like name brand beverages and come in a wide variety. You can find everything from Cola to Energy drink. They even have a few fun different choices like Crystal Light Lemonade Sparkling Beverage, Sparkling Ice Tea, and Pepper". If I have counted right, it is roughly 70 flavors in all. Plus, 3 sparkling water flavors.

The machine is simple to use. Fill the include soda bottle with water, either from your tap or whatever you prefer. The bottle is both recyclable and extremely easy to wash. Which makes is nice "green" machine. You don't need dozens of bottles of soda, just a few empty Soda Stream Machines.

Now just twist the bottle into place on the machine. Its like screwing a large cap on and off. Push down on the carbonating button a few times. This is the main element of the machine. Its really just a CO2 tank that has been made easy to use by compacting it into a small area, which is light.

Then add a cap full of flavor syrup, each bottle of syrup will make 12 liters of soda. Which is 6-2 liter bottles. Each syrup bottle retails for $4.99 and $9.99 for the 3 pack of water mixes (these make more though). That means each 2 liter bottle is roughly 83 cents and waters are 17 cents each.

Here comes the fun part, you get to shake the bottle. Seriously, you get to shake it up and have fun doing it. Mix it up a few times and let it sit on your counter for a few minutes. Then just open the bottle and pour yourself a nice glass of whatever you have chosen.

The best part of the machine is how space saving and money saving it is. You don't need to keep dozen of cans or bottles of soda around. You don't need to have a bunch of different types in the house, just the flavor syrups which take up not even half the space. And don't forget how environmentally good it is to, using recyclable bottles on hand will take 5 2-liters or 50-cans out of the landfill.