Thursday, June 14

HOW TO: Whip cream (Getting to know your creams)

Whipping cream is quick and easy. It will take a few minutes but, fresh homemade whipped cream is a great addition to any recipe. Some recipes call for folding in whipping cream which has already been whipped, some call for whipping it with small amounts of flavoring, and when a 1 tsp of sugar is added it makes a perfect topping!

When getting ready to whip cream you want to make sure you are using exactly what your recipe calls for. There are several different types of cream and you don't want to change them around if you are unsure of the difference. Let's take a quick look at the different types of creams:

Light Cream:
  • has a low fat content, (around 18-30%) 
  • due to its low fat content, you need to make adjustments for substituting light cream when baking.
  • it will whip, but it will not hold for long. Not recommended for folding into desserts, layered recipes, or recipes which call for the cream to give height.
  • makes a great dollop topping for ice cream or fruit.
Heavy Cream:
  • has a higher fat content then both light cream and whipping cream (over 36%)
  • due to its high fat content, substituting in recipes will give you a richer and slightly heavy result.
  • it will whip and it will hold shape. If being folded in for height it is not recommended, layered desserts are only recommended if serving the same day.
  • is perfect for cream based sauces, making rue, ice cream, or cheese making
  • is great to keep in house it lasts a little longer than most dairy and easily turns into sour cream when prepared right
Whipping Cream: (not whipped cream)
  • has a fat content between light and heavy (around 30%-36%)
  • its fat content makes it a good substitution for either light or heavy cream
  • it is whipping cream, so it will fit into any recipe which calls for whipping cream which has been whipped (not whipped cream). Can be whipped and will stay with height and shape for almost a week.
  • is not really good for sauces or cheese making, the fat content creates a wishy-washy effect
  • has a good shelf life, but a little goes a long way. When whipped it doubles in size so take this into consideration when buying
All three can be whipped and prepared the same way.. Just make sure the recipe does not call for whipped cream. There is a difference! I know your probably asking yourself and me "what is the difference between whipping cream that has been whipped and whipped cream?" The answer is actually really simple: If this was early 20th century I would say nothing, but in our modern era, whipped cream refers to a manufactured product which has sugars and stabilizes blended in already. If you wish to substitute whipping cream for whipped cream, than you need to add a large quantity of sugar and a stabilizing agent such as gelatin. I honestly don't recommend this substitution. Just save the hassle and buy the pre-made one but, for all other recipes I highly suggest this substitution. You'll get a less sugary, processed cream when done.

Now that we have talked about the creams lets whip!

Put cream in the bottom of a high sided bowl. Use a large bowl, you want room to work with.
Using a hand electric mixer or mixing bowl, set mixer on low and begin. It will foam up, similar to blowing bubbles in a glass of milk, this is okay
Continue to keep mixer on low speed, it can take up to 10 minutes depending on how much cream you are working with and if your using light, heavy, or whipping. You'll know your getting close when ridges begin to appear, just keep going and avoid changing speed (it won't help it will actually hurt)
As if someone turned on a light switch, sudden the cream will pull tight and form. You will actually begin to feel a slight bit of resistance when whipping. Once it pulls together, whip for an additional minute and then stop. Lift your mixer staright up, if a peak forms your are all set.
If you are still wondering if your all set, flip you hand mixer upside down, the peak should stay right on the beater.
You now have a great bowl of whipped cream! Add to your recipe or use as a topping!