Sunday, May 27

Quick and easy Mousse

Mousse: a rich dish consisting mainly of whipped cream, sugar, blended with a variety of flavors, and most often stabilized with gelatin. Now that is the technical definition for mousse, mine isn't so technical however. Mousse super yummy, easy to make, impressive, and can fill any craving from chocolate to cheesecake.

Now you're wondering how I can say mousse is easy and can fill any flavor aren't you? The trick isn't so much as making mousse as making a mock mousse. I learned this from my mother, who makes this every Thanksgiving in a scary quantity. Usually a double and on rare occasion a quadruple batch. The secret is to use instant sugar free pudding as a base. This will allow you to make mousse in under 10 minutes which is ready to each, have a variety of flavors, and not need any stabilizing fuss! Give it a whirl, you'll love it!

Serves 4-6
Full time: 15 minutes

You will need:

1 package sugar-free pudding 1 oz
1 cup milk cold (double check the side of pudding box, you need half the amount the package calls for)
1 pint whipping cream

Let us begin:

In a small bowl pour your instant pudding (I am using chocolate in photos)

Whisk in milk, remember you need to be using HALF the amount the box calls for (example: box calls for 2 cups you will use 1 cup)
Set this aside for amount to let it firm up. While this firms up, whip your whipping cream in a medium bowl. (if you have never done this before, check out my HOW TO: Whip cream)
Once your cream is all whipped up, you can blend in the pudding. It will be extremely thick, in fact you can turn the bowl almost completely upside down and it won't budge.
Scrap this pudding mixture into the center of the whipped cream bowl
Blend with your hand mixer at low speed for 2-4 minutes until color is even and no whipping cream can be seen
You can serve this instantly or store for up to a week!