Monday, April 2

Getting to know Curry

Curry is extremely popular throughout the world. Especially in the U.K. and other Common Wealth countries, I have definitely developed a love for curry. I enjoy that you can vary the heat level and spice based on the type of curry powder/paste you use.

Curries are actually a slightly misunderstood dish. Curry is a Western name for a wide variety of dishes. The only common theme of "curry" is a huge combination of herbs and spices. These combinations vary based on regional availability or family preference of those mixing the spices.

"Curry powder" as the West knows it, was an invention of Indian Merchants during the colonization period of Indian. It was created to sell to British soldiers returning from India to England. This does unfortunetly means that U.K.s love for this yummy dish comes originally from a rough patch in history. But as all countries have had a few rough patches, at least this one opened the worlds eyes to an amazing cooking style.

Some of the most common types of curries are:

-Korma: yellow in color, mild in spice

-Curry: brown in color, medium in spice

-Madras: red in color, fairly hot in spice

-Pasanda: mild curry, usually made from cream, coconut, and almond blend

-Dhansak: medium to hot spice, is sweet and sour in flavor and made with lentils

-Jalfrezi: is a green chili and onion based thick sauce, spice level based on chili heat

-Phaal: Hello hot! That's all I'm going to say there...extremely hot!

Well hopefully this will help you on a path to discover yummy dishes and a great cooking style!