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Product Review: I want to start by saying this is not a paid advertisement, I speak for myself only, no companies have given me anything for this review. My opinions are completely my own.

"Sunbeam: Cupcake Maker" Overview: Love it, amazingly simple to use

So, lets begin by saying I bake, I bake a lot. I mean a lot and sometimes I get up early to make my favorite breakfast food, muffins. I love fresh warm baked muffins in the morning but, the time required is a tiny bit of a pain. This was easily remedied recently, when I received the Sunbeam Cupcake Maker for my birthday.
At first I was a slight bit curious about the machine. I was trying to figure out how it really could bake muffins and cupcakes in under 10 minutes. Turns out it works extremely well. It bakes at an extremely high heat, in small batches, and bakes from top and bottom simultaneously. This allows the machine to bake so evenly and rapidly. As all kitchen equipment go, there are a good and bad points to the machine, let's start with the good.

  1. It bakes cupcakes or muffins in roughly 10 minutes a batch
  2. It heats up and cools down in under 5 minutes
  3. It works with either box mix or handmade batters
  4. You bake in small batches so, you can alter how much batter you mix and make exactly what you want
  5. You can use paper liners in the machine, so it is super simple to clean
  6. If you bake in liners then, the cupcakes or muffins literally just pop out and are ready to eat, of coarse feel free to cool down if desired for frosting
  7. It bakes from all sides at the same time, so you won't ever have those random raw spots
Now, let's talk about the few bad
  1. It bakes in batches of 6, so it does take a few batches to use a whole box of mix (although you can be eating the first batch while cooking the next)
  2. It bakes at an extremely high temperature that it isn't child friendly baking. I have a "cupcake" zone, no getting within 2' of the machine, but helping hands love mixing batters and eating finished products
  3. It bakes from all sides at the same time, so they don't really brown on the top
  4. Storage, it is after all another kitchen gadget or appliance so you do need a place to store it
Putting all the good and bad points together still equal one great machine. Plus, having such a easy to use machine around means breakfast muffins in the middle of the week or after dinner cupcakes in minutes. It also is great to point out if you have unexpected company, you can bake up a quick and tasty snack in no time without having to watch an oven.Feel free to experiment, make a base batter and add different flavors to each batch.

Now I haven't tried it yet, but brownies are my next trick, I think using the machine to do individual brownies in minutes would be great!

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