Tuesday, March 6


Okay, so I know it might be out dated, or un-cool, but I love paper mache! Its makes great craft projects, and who doesn't; love a pinata at a party? Here is a stand by classic to create these fun items from your kitchen!
This is for one batch of paste, you need a ratio of one batch of paste to every 6 pages of newspaper.
You will need:
1/3 cup flour
1/4 cup cold water
Have a seal able sandwich bag ready
Let us begin:
Soak strips or squares of newspaper in hot water for at least an hour, the longer you soak the more the paste will stick.
Pour water and flour into the sandwich bag and knead, this will evenly mix paste and avoid huge paste clumps
Squeeze out all extra water from newspaper and place in large, dry mixing bowl, squeeze paste into newspaper and gently mix until fully covered.
Your now ready to use the mâché.
Place, shape, and allow to air dry before painting. Roughly overnight, depending on thickness of layers.
To make a pinata, blow up and tie closed a balloon. Cover balloon with a 1/8" layer of mache. Leave a small half dollar or 1" sized hole around the tie knot.
You will want to make a small mache "patch" for this later. Make sure the patch is slightly larger then the hole. Also make a small hole in patch to attach hanging string.
Allow to dry over night, carefully cut the tie knot off and allow balloon to deflate, remove balloon.
Paint and decorate carefully.
Fill pinata.
Glue patch over hole with a strong glue. Allow to dry per glue instructions