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Product Review: I want to start by saying this is not a paid advertisement, I speak for myself only, no companies have given me anything for this review. My opinions are completely my own.

"Eggies" Overview: Like it, easy to use

Now, let's be completely honest here, we have all looked at companies and thought, "really who needs that" or "why did they make that". We all also at one time or another looked at new gadgets with a little curiosity. Who hasn't bought a knife which is supposed to cut metal and tomatoes, only to find out it really doesn't. Who hasn't bought a special As seen on TV item only to regret it? We all have but, sometimes they really are good ones.

The "Eggie" is one of those items. I will fully admit the first time I saw it, I said oh come on, seriously. But the commercials sometimes really do the product an injustice. So I did try it, And I like it! No it isn't the end all of hard boil egg action but, it is a great gadget. I got them during the holiday season and decided to try them. Truthfully they are actually very easy to use. Here is a quick run down of how they work.

You lightly spray a paper towel with cooking spray and rub it on the inside of each "Eggie", then you crack an egg and put it in it.

Next you close up each "Eggie" with its little sealing grip and pop them into warm water

The package comes with a very easy to follow cook time chart, which allows for the perfect cooked hard boiled egg. It includes cook times for all different egg sizes and even if you want to cook just the whites. Most eggs are between 12-15 minutes

Once the proper amount of cook time has been passed, you simply take the "Eggie" out of the water and let cool for a brief amount of time. This allows the container to become cool and handle able.

Removing the egg from the "Eggie" is just as easy. There is a little bit of steam on the inside you need to be aware of, but I found that if you pop open the very top which is for soft boiled eggs it help rid of excess steam and suction.

Once you have opened the "Eggie" container you just flip it over and out pops the egg, giving it a tiny squeeze makes it slide right out.

As long as you don't mind an egg which is not completely rounded, it works like a charm. And having a flattened surface makes the egg easy to stand up to use. I actually think it works better than having to flatten them yourself.

The only down fall to the product is storage, there are only six "Eggies" in a box so if you want to do a full dozen you will need more than one box. Also, because they are individual holders you really need to keep the box for storage because they are not stacking containers. Although, for the ease of use, ability to do as little as one at a time, and time saved peeling off egg shells, the storage is worth figuring out!

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