Tuesday, November 22

CRAFT KITCHEN: Gift from your Kitchen in a Bag or Jar

Both Gifts in a Bag and Gifts in a Jar, are a great idea for homemade gifts. They are easy, fun, and can easily be adjusted to anyone's personal tastes.

Traditional gifts are usually cookie recipes but it is easy to find countless other recipes out there. These recipes include: soups, pastas, side dishes, beverages, and even cocktails. In fact there is a whole line of books out there which is actually titled "Gifts in a..."

My favorite thing to do is to combine two or three jar/bags to create a rounded gift. My classic blend is a hot beverage and a cookie mix. This year I am doing S'mores Cookies with Snowman Soup! Try this to help make your holiday's Merry and Bright. pick your favorite cookie recipe out there and match it up with this classic holiday fun one:

Snowman soup is really just hot chocolate mix which is packaged with mini-marshmallows. Tie a candy cane around the outside and tie on a classic poem for Snowman soup:

Was told you've been real good this year.
Always glad to hear it!
With freezing weather drawing near,
You'll need to warm the spirit...
So here's a little Snowman Soup
Complete with stirring stick.
Add hot water, sip it slow.
It's sure to do the trick.

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