Saturday, November 26

CRAFT KITCHEN: Making a Container garden

I often talk about gardening from a space called a container garden. Today I am going to show you how fast you can turn a space as small as 2 ft by 4 ft into a garden!

It is a good idea to plan ahead, start seeds 4 to 5 weeks warier than intended garden planting. Seeds are very easy to plant and take care of. Use old egg cartons to create individual plants and mini seed trays.

You will need: (for every 2' x 4' x 4" box)

2 pieces of 2 X 4 X 8
Staple gun or industrial stapler
Weed netting 4 X 4
Measuring tape

Let us begin:

Mark your 2 X 4s, you will mark one to cut in half, one to cut in half and then one half in half again. You need to end up with the following 3 pieces 4 ft long, 2 pieces 2 ft long

Next cut your wood, if your lucky you have an electric saw, or know someone with one. Some smaller hardware/lumber saws will cut them for you

To begin assembly, take one 2 ft piece and attach it to one end of a 4 ft piece. You want the 4 ft piece to be as close to the edge of the 2 ft piece as you can get it.

Attach the second 4 ft piece on the other end of the 2 ft piece, you now have on end of your container.

Attach the second 2 ft piece to the other ends of the 4 ft pieces, your frame is complete.

Add center separator bar (this helps keep roots from different plants from spreading into each other), to add this bar, gently bang it into place, if you want it closer to one side, as seen in photo, just tap it down where ever you want it. Once it is in place nail it in.

If desired you can add additional spacer bars, to separate it into smaller spaces, as seen in my photos

Carefully fold weed netting so it is doubled long way and staple to bottom of frame.

Flip over and fill with top soil, for this size box it takes 2.25cf of soil

Add plants and enjoy your garden!

 Here is a container garden in action! This one is made with three boxes place longways. Two of them have spacers and one is a solid planting space with no spacers.

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