Tuesday, November 22

CRAFT KITCHEN: How to grow an Avocado plant from pit

Going green can be as simple as growing a plant for someone. One of my favorite things to do is to create new plants from seed.

Avocados are a perfect example of a great plant to grow and even gift.

Make sure you always use Organic avocados to do this, non organic will not sprout into viable plants.

1-To do this start with your avocado and carefully remove the seed. Use a spoon to dig it out so you do bot damage it.

2-Rinse the seed off with cold water to completely clean

3-Place seed in a cup of hot, not boiling water this will allow the skin to soften up. Let sit over night. Repeat for three nights

4-Using a sandwich size sealable bag, place the pit in a mixture of half potting soil and half sphagnum moss*.
include a small amount of water and seal bag. To much water will cause fungus so be sparing
* sphagnum moss is also known as peat moss

5-Place sealed bag in a dark spot. Check on it every once in a while, if it appears dry add water, if it appears to be developing fungus leave open and dry out, replace contents of bag with cleaned pit. If it does it again, this pit wad not meant to be a tree. Unfortunately try again.

6-After about two months you should see nice roots develop

7-Take bag out of the dark and set in a half lighted area this will begin the seasoning process

8-After a week move bag to a high lighted area

9-After two weeks (a total of 3 months) it is ready to pot

10-Place a course top soil an inch deep in the bottom of a clay self draining pot

11-Carefully dump the soil/moss contents of bag out into a stand by container

12-Move you pit, roots down and tree nub facing up into pot

13-Add soil/moss into pot

14-Let's sit on a window sill over night before watering

15-Keep plant in a well lighted area and allow to dry between watering