Monday, October 24

Talking about substitution of ingredients

Substitutions are a huge question in my world. Can I use milk instead of butter milk? Can I use eggs instead of egg substitute? How will it effect the dish? Will it change flavor, cooking time, texture, or all of it?

It has taken several missteps, asking people, cook books, web sites, and countless post-it notes but, I finally have my basic substitution list down. 
Knowing what can be used in place of different ingredients is always a good thing. 

Maybe someone your cooking for doesn't particularly like an ingredient called for in a recipe, maybe you only need a little and don't want to buy a full container, maybe you left off something when shopping. 

In my case it has always been I decided that I wanted to make something and was missing a key ingredient. I started putting post-it's on my recipe cards to say what did or didn't work. That got a little out of control, the notebook came next. Now the notebook worked for a while but finding my substitutions just drove me nuts. So I created a recipe box full of index cards with basic substituting, this works the best. I jus note on the card what my substation is and what effect it had.

For example: when a recipe calls for Yogurt you can use sour cream or cottage cheese that you blend down. However, sour cream will tartan the taste and cottage cheese will moisten the mix. So be prepared to edit the other ingredients. 

I really like having the ability to make almost anything even if missing an important ingredient. Now hopefully you have either tried a recipe or two of mine. If your new to the blog welcome! Either way here comes some great substitutions for you to use everyday.

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