Thursday, June 2

Seasonal Summer flavors

Here it is Spring and Summer is just around the corner. It is the time of year that our taste buds crave refreshing and vibrant flavors. Fresh garden picked produce, tree ripened fruits, and sun kissed ingredients are in abundance. This is a great time of year to incorporate lots of flavors and seasonal specialties into your dishes.

For some cooking at this time of year is a little bit of a hassle. Kitchens get hot, sticky, and soon no one wants to be stuck indoors. However, if you plan a head, or incorporate a large amount of cold dishes into the meal it can be a breeze. Try making a hot main dish with a cold side, like a tastie Corn and Tomato salad. This easily created salad is tossed with fresh lime, lemon, and cilantro which brings a great balance of light refresshing flavors to the table. Or try to plan dishes around a theme, like a fresh Strawberry salad with Djion Vinegrette, serves along side Grilled Peaches and Steak. For a fun treat make your own BBQ sauce and slow cook outside on a grill, this eliminates the hot kitchen and allows you to explore a whole new cooking style. End meals with a glass of wine, slice peaches the night before, soak in your favorite Chianti and serve after dinner for a great end to the day.

All month long I will be posting some of these great recipes along with others to help you get geared up for the Summer season of cooking and grilling. We will explore making our own BBQ sauce, cook by using both a charcoal and gas grill, and save the summer by preserving all these seasonal favorites. Most of all I will be sharing some of my all time favorite dishes with you.

Everyone has a few favorites of the season, mine is fresh fruit. I love biting into recently picked peaches and berries. I often turn them into jams, salads, smoothies, and best of all pies. Blending some of your seasonal favorites together into any dish will keep you smiling all day long.  And there is no better way to end that day then with a great dessert. A sure fire crowd pleaser is my Peach and Strawberry pie with crumb topping.

This seasonal favorite takes advantage of both fresh peaches and strawberries, baking in a lightly sweetend pie topped with a brown sugar cumble. The gently balance of the sweet peaches, sometimes tart strawberries, and brown sugar create a very silky pie.

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