Wednesday, May 11

Savory Pulled Pork

Here is a great way to spice up you spring and summer. Pop this in your slow cooker in the morning, spend the day at work or play, and when you walk in the door it will be there to great you!

This will serve 4-6
Full time: 6-8 hours on high 8-10 hours on low
You will need:

2lb boneless pork shoulder
1 large onion diced large
4 long hot Chile peppers
2 Cubanelle peppers
1 Habanero pepper
4 cups sweet BBQ sauce
1/4 cup peppercorn seasoning, or your favorite dry rub

Let us begin:

Start by placing your pork shoulder into the crock pot. Coat with peppercorn seasoning, pat seasoning into the shoulder to insure it will stay put

Tuck the large chunked onions along the sides of the pork.

Depending on how hot you want the pork to be, cut and place the peppers into the crock pot. Try to keep the peppers to the sides of the pork on top of onions.

Now carefully pour in the BBQ sauce so that it covers the peppers and onions, but only covers the edge of the pork. This will allow spices to meld in slowly ass the meat sinks down

Cover with lid and heat on low. Cook for minimum of six hours but longer is better. I usually try to cook it for eight to ten hours.

Once cooked, you can easily pull apart the pork with two forks. Serve on top of rolls or by itself.