Saturday, January 15

Welcome To Eating Eclectic

Welcome to Eating Eclectic! A food blog dedicated to the Eclectic Eaters of the world and the taste buds of a modern society.

As a modern society, we have opened our taste buds up to new flavors, textures, and ingredients we didn't grow up on. We eat out multiple times and usually go from one style of cuisine to another as easy as turning a page. These days we don't eat the same thing we when go out, so why should we cook the same things over and over at home?

As we learn to cook, we tend to stick close to the recipes of our families, cultures, and become comfortable in a small food niche we create for ourselves. but why not break down those walls? Why not incorporate other cultures, cooking styles, and methods into our day to day life? Anyone can easily learn to bring the fun of eating out into their own kitchens. It is as simple as blending basic cooking methods with easy to find ingredients, stir in a little know-how and you get a magical combination, an eclectic kitchen.

This blog is dedicated to those of us who want to expand our horizons, learn new things, and try new dishes. Learn to combine comfort classic from throughout the world together and pack up a suitcase full of recipes...get ready to follow me in my travels through the culinary world.

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